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Phase I – 1st to 5th year

in one step

The assessment is carried out according to the contents, using different methods and instruments, consistent with the educational concepts and purposes.


It provides students with knowledge, systematization, reflection and re-signification of their body movement practices. Within special education, these physical/corporal activities are adapted through games, games, sports, gymnastics, dances and fights in order to provide the assimilation of intrinsic logic in these practices, such as: rules, codes, rituals, organization, tactics and socialization, aiming at promoting the student's overall development.


Flexibility and integration of expressive languages, visual arts, music, dance and theater with the areas that structure the cognitive in the development of perception, imagination, creative reasoning and sensitivity, making the student a challenging agent and learning encourager, in interdisciplinary processes, using whether of verbal and non-verbal resources and references, through artistic making. Articulate and integrate the different languages: visual, musical, dance and theater with the other areas of knowledge, in order to contribute to the cognitive, affective, social and cultural development, through artistic making.

From 0 to 3 years

Specialized and preventive educational program aimed at children aged between zero and three years, with an evolutionary framework resulting from genetic, organic and/or environmental factors. Through this Program, cognitive and motor processes are stimulated, aiming to achieve the full development of the child. This occurs through educational and psychopedagogical activities designed by specialized teachers and in collaboration with the family, complemented by clinical-therapeutic care.

From 4 to 5 years

Aimed at children between the ages of four and five, whose pedagogical work is based on world knowledge, including the acquisition of oral and written language, mathematics, music, arts, movement, nature and society, concomitantly with areas of cognitive, motor and socio-affective development that are lagging behind as a result of disability and/or disorders.

Initial years 🇧🇷1st and 2nd cycles

From 6 to 15 years

Basic Education School, in the Special Education modality, is organized in a Continuous Cycle, lasting ten years, aimed at students with Intellectual Disability, Multiple Disabilities and Global Development Disorders in the age group of 6 to 15 years.








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