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The Dellamed D100 Wheelchair was developed to withstand heavy use on uneven terrain. It is indicated for people with some motor difficulties who need to move around. The D100 passed all rigorous Inmetro and Anvisa tests.

- Supports up to 100 kg
- Upholstered armrest, ergonomic and comfortable
- Front wheels with puncture-proof solid tires 
- 24'' rear wheels with inflatable tires 
- Aluminum rear drive rim with inflatable tires 
- Bilateral brakes with functional ergonomic lever 
- Robust carbon steel tubular chassis incorporated into the chassis to help overcome small obstacles 
- Integrated side clothing protector Indications
- Seat Width: 45cm 
- Total width: 60cm 
- Product weight: approx 16.2kg 
- Back: H 44cm epoxy painting 
- Padded nylon upholstery 
- Hinged footrests 
- Sticky tip-assist

- Pedal support for the driver

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